Area Cooling Solutions

Area Cooling Solutions

Area Cooling Solutions are experts in cooling and heating solutions. Their constant innovation and research have led them to develop one of the most environmentally friendly technologies.


Branding, graphic design, online design and SEO positioning

in 6 languages

We are helping to evolve, both in design and functionality, your e-commerce with more than 900 products translated into 6 different languages.
New design of the product page, more explanatory, with more content and with the possibility of increasing it in the future.
As this is a complex product, we developed new ways to search for items, to make it easier for customers to navigate. The new category menu allows you to locate the product range you are looking for in a visual way.
Together with the Area team we have developed a product selection software where the user enters his technical needs and the web returns, through various calculations, the most suitable products.

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A study of similar tools from the competition, together with Area's experience and Cactus' design and development has made possible the development of this software.

It stands out from the competition due to its user-friendly design and ease of use, to the point of becoming the 4th most visited page on the web in the week of its launch.

Adaptados a la
nueva realidad

Nowadays video calls are the order of the day, that's why online marketing is more important than ever. We help Area to digitize their product presentations adapting them to the new forms of communication.

Continuous improvement
of branded content

We do not only focus on the product, for Area it is very important to position your brand and that is why we carry out many actions to improve your branding.
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