Consell Comarcal

Consell Comarcal

The Consell Comarcal del Vallès Occidental contributes to improve the living conditions in the region, solving their needs in collaboration with the local councils. At Cactus we have been helping the Consell for more than 5 years to disseminate its tasks and activities.


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Proximity as a key
key to success

One of the great advantages of developing projects with the Consell Comarcal del Vallès Occidental is the proximity and ease of working together. The years of experience and relationship facilitate that the projects flow with harmony and good rhythm.
The agricultural memory and prospecting of local varieties of Vallès Occidental makes a compilation of the agricultural heritage of the region where we can find local varieties of: vineyard, orchard, fruit and olive trees.

This assignment has given us the opportunity to discover very interesting varieties of agriculture in our region.
Information management is essential. Since these are texts and institutional documents, the contents must be structured and accompanied by infographics and other graphic resources to facilitate reading.
The result is complex documents that are highly clarifying for the lay reader. Our experience with these types of documents makes the process easy and natural.

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At Cactus we take care of the creation of activity reports, dissemination documents, leaflets, images for social networks, posters and other online dissemination publications.
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